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Keets Organic Chocolate Sleep Supplement
$ 20.00

Want to get better sleep? Our sleep supplement, in delicious chocolate form, has the best supplements for sleep: Melatonin and l-theanine and ornithine. Plus, most experts agree, that a little bit of fat before bed can help you sleep too. Keets organic chocolate has natural cacao butter which gives your body just a little bit of fat before bed.

Fat is the best fuel source for your body there is, which is why I recommend a little bit before bed.

Melatonin is produced by your body naturally when you get enough sleep and hours of dark. Chances are, most time, you don't get either. A low dose of highly bioavailable melatonin 1-2 nights per week can help. Unfortunately, most supplements contain too much melatonin. This can cause problems with your body's natural rhythms and decrease your quality and quantity of sleep. Studies show that the best dose for melatonin is about 300 mcg. A dose that is gentle enough for kids or adults. Keets uses 150 mcg of highly bioavailable melatonin in each pro popper; so take two to help you gently fall and stay asleep.

Ornithine is a relaxing amino acid that helps your body to eliminate ammonia in the gut (excess ammonia causes stressful feelings). It may improve growth hormone levels too. 

Finally, L-theanine is an amino acid that helps with relaxation.

These three super sleep supplements, wrapped into a delicious hemisphere of chocolate will have you counting sheep on those long, stressful days.