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We make healthy things easy. Choose your plan and we'll ship your supplements in temperature controlled packaging right to your door!

Naturally delicious!

Don't fall for dyes, artificial sweeteners or flavors. Nature gave us chocolate which is an amazing companion for supplements. We sweeten Keets Pro Poppers with organic coconut palm sugar -- the lowest glycemic index sweetener.

proud to give back

Keets was started to inspire healthy families. We donate a portion of every purchase to Healing Waters International to help bring clean water to those who need it most.

Doctor formulated

Our probiotics were created by Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum who is one of the world’s leading microbiome researchers and was the first to discover that bacteria and fungi actually work together in our gut's microbiome. 

Good bacteria is only part of the story.

You know plaque builds up on your teeth; but did you know that plaque also builds up in your gut? It’s called Digestive Plaque.


Bad bacteria and fungi hide within Digestive Plaque, making it difficult for ordinary probiotics (which only addresses bacteria) to maintain digestive balance. 

Keets health probiotics combine powerful, proven: 

good bacteria

good fungi

digestive enzymes


These maintain the balance of bacteria AND fungi in your gut, all while breaking down digestive plaque. 

What digestive plaque looks like before and after Keets probiotic. It's no wonder it's hard for our body to absorb the nutrients it needs!

  • Supplements that are great for you 
    AND that taste great! 

    No fillers. No dyes. No artificial sweeteners or flavors. Naturally Gluten Free and organic.


    Keets combines 

    delicious organic chocolate with 

    powerful and effective supplements.


    This results in the best tasting and hardest working supplements you can find. 

    Superior Supplements. 

    Spectacular Taste.


    Now that's something your gut and your tastebuds can agree on.

    How Keets Works

    BEGIN WITH Keets delicious, GUT-HEALTHy Probiotics

    Your gut's balance can easily be disturbed by a number of factors -- stress, lack of sleep, the food you eat, sickness, medications and even your genetics impact your gut's balance which can lead to digestive issues. 


    Science shows that a balanced gut impacts overall wellness.


    Our probiotics help you maintain digestive balance by clearing your gut of digestive plaque and then populating it with good organisms that help control the harmful organisms hiding out in your gut. And they do all of this, with the delicious help of naturally prebiotic chocolate.


    Choose your probiotic subscription based on your needs and family size. We have a dairy-free organic dark chocolate and an organic milk chocolate to help get your gut in balance. All of our products are always free from gluten, dyes and artificial flavors. 


    You can choose a three-month subscription, six-month subscription, or subscribe for a year to save the most.  And then you can add any of our other products to your subscription.


    With our subscriptions you'll never pay for shipping.


    Our Secret

    Our secret is actually not a secret...

    Researchers have known for years that chocolate makes an ideal companion for probiotics and other supplements. They've found that there is a synergy between chocolate and probiotics. The chocolate protects the probiotics and is a natural prebiotic which gives the probiotics the fuel they need to work their magic on your microbiome. 
    Our probiotics are next-generation. We combine three proven strains of good bacteria, a powerful strain of beneficial fungi plus enzymes which break down digestive plaque. 
    These three work together to allow for TOTAL GUT BALANCE.

    Our Story

    From our Family to You

    It didn’t take a genius to see that this is the way supplements were supposed to be. It took a family.


    In a lot of ways, we are a typical family: our kids love sports and music and we like to spend time together traveling and playing games. We might have more than the average number of kids, but, just like you, we have a dream for our future. Part of our dream was to create a family-centered company that could be an avenue to make a difference in the world. We also wanted to teach our kids the value of hard work and to follow their dreams.


    When we observed our kids trying to take horse-pill-sized supplements or sugar-and-preservative-ladened gummies and powders, we knew there had to be a better way. With the mission of inspiring healthy families, we created Keets Health–named after our five kids (Kara, Elia, Ethan, Taggart & Sophie)–to make taking supplements something the whole family could enjoy. Our products represent countless hours of planning, persisting and searching for perfection.


    We’ve followed our gut, now it’s time for you to follow yours.

    Science Backed

    Clinically Proven

    Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum is one of the world’s leading microbiome researchers and the scientist who named the mycobiome, our body’s fungal community.


    For the last 40 years, Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum, has been one of the leading scientists researching the microbiome. In 2010 he coined the term mycobiome and unlocked the key to total gut health. In 2016 his research on the microbiome of Crohn’s patients was groundbreaking and he was the first scientist to identify that bacteria and fungi actually work together in our gut’s microbiome.


    He discovered that within just 24 hours, you can remake your mycobiome, setting yourself on the fast track to weight loss, better digestion, improved health, and more energy, even if the bacteria in your microbiome is less than ideal.


    Our other supplements were also created with the very best nature and science has to offer. They have been carefully researched and studied to make sure they deliver on what they claim.

    Healthy happiness in a box. 

    Choose the probiotics you want to get started.

    Let’s Keep in Touch

    Keets Health is all about family... and family takes care of each other. Drop us a line and let us know how we can take care of you.

    We make supplements simple and delicious.

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